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Face Treatment

Facials are good for the skin as they improve its health. Deep cleansing and exfoliation allow for a greater cell turnover, resulting in softer, more even skin that is less prone to breakouts and shows fewer signs of aging.


Microneedling is used to treat a variety of skin conditions that cause depressions in the skin such as acne scarring, surgical scars, other scars, burns, enlarged pores, wrinkles (rhytides), and stretch marks (striae).


Microdermabrasion treatments use a minimally abrasive instrument to gently sand your skin, removing the thicker, uneven outer layer, and has many benefits. This type of skin rejuvenation is used to treat light scarring, discoloration, sun damage and stretch marks.


Hyperpigmentation is a medical term used to describe darker patches of skin. These patches result from excess melanin production, which can be caused by everything from acne scars and sun damage to hormone fluctuations.

Rejuvenation/Anti aging

Rejuvenation is a process that not only delays aging but actually reverts it, leading to a younger cell, tissue, or body. Rejuvenation would erase age-accumulated damage and aging hallmarks collected during one's life. 

Anti-Acne Facial Treatment

An anti-acne facial is designed to combat acne, blackheads, and blemishes with a minimal amount of side effects. They focus mainly on cleanses, extractions, facial masks and blue light therapy to clean and invigorate your skin.